Friday, June 20, 2014

Birthdays are the joy of life

There's nothing like a eight-year-old boy on his birthday. When I picked Jacob up for his last swimming lesson, he as higher than a kite with excitement--he got a mini iPad for this birthday from his folks. They gave it to him this morning before his summer program at Clayton Yes! He has already loaded iTunes and games and Facetime, so when he's here overnight or with his other grandparents, he can talk to his parents. He was wearing the birthday shoes he wheedled out of me last night. Being eight is great.
When I picked him up at four, he was less happy. He wanted to go right home to his iPad and was upset that I said we weren't going to two hours. He got over his pout (he usually does) and two hours passed. We went to his house for family birthday, and he showed his iPad and shoes to everyone, but he pretty much put the iPad down to play basketball with his oldest cousin, 15-year-old Maddie who is a terrific basketball player. He was surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, the potato salad I labored over, a good orzo dish, beans, and a cake shaped like a football.
When I left, Jacob was still high as a kite with excitement, and I was rapidly wearing out. But it was one of those evenings that make me realize how blessed I am with family--and how blessed Jacob is. I hope he grows up to appreciate his good fortune.
And I realized I didn't get a single picture. Well, darn!


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