Thursday, July 29, 2010

Root canal--and good friends

Today was the root canal that I so dreaded. It wasn't as bad as I thought, because I was determined to relax, lie still and cooperate--the better to get it over with. In retrospect, it seems a lot worse. Jean had used the word tedioius and the dentist said it today, which made me giggle--but it did seem to go on forever. Betty took me to the dentist's office and walked me almost to the door, by which time I was fine on my own. Dr. Ku is gentle, kind and compassionate--and, I'm convinced, a good, conscientious doctor. The procedure took almost two and a half hours, and when I walked out to the office, I was unsteady on my feet--he obviously worried about me and held on to my arm. Jean was there, waiting for me, so I settled up, got an appointment for next week to have a crown put in, and we left. But I was really shaky, and Jean said as I held on to her across the parking lot that she could feel me shake. We stopped to get our flowers of the month--I let her go in--and then to pick up a prescription that wasn't ready. Bless her--she took me home and delivered the prescription later in the afternoon, leaving it in the mailbox because I was trying to nap. Couldn't sleep--my mouth hurt, my head hurt, etc. Finally I took aspirin (which Dr. Ku told me not to do, but it was all I had). Betty called about then, and the next thing she appeared at my door with a bottle of Tylenol. The aspirin worked, and I began to feel much better, so by the time my class arrived I was in pretty good shape, though I had asked Elizabeth to lead the class tonight. Tylenol and more antibiotics and I'm a walking chemistry project, though feeling tired but pretty good. Mostly I'm feeling blessed by good friends--Betty and Jean who both took such good care of me today, Elizabeth who took care of me tonight.
Tomorrow is another day and, I hope, a brighter one. I sure have a lot to do. But as Jean so helpfully pointed out to me, a hundred years ago people died from abscessed tooths (teeth?). So that's another thing to be grateful for. This has just been the week I want to put behind me.

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