Sunday, July 18, 2010

The pace of a retirement day

Today was one of those days when I had nothing I had to do--and yet I felt a bit rushed (the problem of being a compulsive). I ignored that as much as I could. By the time I slept late, read the Sunday paper, dealt with emails (including the Sisters in Crime listserv that I monitor on Sundays), did my yoga and showered, it was nearly lunchtime. I did some good if difficult work on a section of my nonfiction book I'm working on--since I'm not using the embedded footnote program, it means a lot of work every time I discover something in my notes that I have to go back and insert, changes all the FN numbers, and then change all the notes. I managed to get about 900 words but still have a way to go. But I quit when it was time for a nap. Still I felt good about what I'd accomplished.
Tonight my friend Sue had a dinner to celebrate her mom's birthday, mine, and Susan's, so I went with Jay and Susan. Sue's parents are here from Canada, which added extra delight. I always enjoy them. Sue's dinner was delicious--roast lamb, green salad, and a tomato and herb salad, good crusty bread--plus shrimp which allergies prevent me from eating. Jay made cupcakes with Vermont maple syrup in them--delicious. I usually don't eat dessert but couldn't turn these down. Sue's dad, a law enforcement officer in Canada all his career, recounted his two years undercover on the crime detail--fascinating. All in all, it was a wonderful evening, though I have to say that all these good friends talk so loud and all at once that my hearing aids couldn't keep up. Sue's children--Alex, who will be going into 8th grade and Hunter who will go into 5th--are charming and delightful. Alex and Maddie, my oldest  grandchild, used to be friends, but the age gap between them has widened  Both, however are avid readers, and Alex showed me some books that Maddie might like. I asked her to emaill me the titles. They are both girls who go quickly form iPhones and electronic games to good old-fashioned books, something I love about their generation. It was, all in all, a lovely evening, and I am so fortunate to have such good friends.
Birthday? I don't feel a bit older. But I am sleepy.

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