Friday, July 16, 2010

Peaceful weekend--at least I hope

It seems to me my life has been hectic this week--maybe not by other people's standards but by my new relaxed retirement standards, it's been sort of frantic. So today I began what looks like a peaceful weekend--Jordan, Christian, and Jacob are in Coppell for his high school reunion (20 years I guess) and I have nothing on my calendar until a dinner Sunday night that I'm looking forward to. So today I went to the library for a couple of research books, went to the grocery, and have spent the rest of the day at home--reading, taking notes, finishing up the laundry from Jacob's accident yesterday, etc. Ask me about Dr Pepper--I can tall you a lot becauses that's what I've been reading about.
Thursday night I was telling Elizabeth about the tuna salad I like from Albertson's, because it worried me that it had such a long shelf life. She suggested I  read the label, which I know I should be doing, but when I read this one of course I found tons of sodium. So no more store-bought tuna for me. I'll make my own. And then I read the label on the deli-sliced ham that I like to wrap around low-fat cream cheese--a lot of sodium there too. I'm afraid Elizabeth has made a label reader out of me, which is good. It comes at a time I'm trying to encourage Colin to re-think his diet because of the flare-up of his Crohn's this past week. So, I too need to do better. If I haven't mentioned it, Elizabeth has a new blog-- Her husband was  recently diagnosed with celiac disease so they're going gluten free. Now she's trying to go gluten free, dairy free, sodium free, and corn free. I don't think I can go as far as she has, but I'll take hints from her.  Corn products are apparently known to increase or aggravate the possibility of seizures. But then again, what is life without a good BLT on whole wheat bread?
I've had enoiugh studying for the day. I'm going to read, but I'm looking forward to a quiet lazy weekend. Since in the last few days I haven't even had time to exercise, I'll catch up on that too.

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