Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Air conditioning

Most of us know, unfortunately, that blessed sense of relief that comes when your house is once again cool after being without a/c. Mine went out, as I've said, Sunday afternoon, and it was today, Tuesday, in the late afternoon before it was fixed. I am wrung out from being hot for almost three days and two nights. The technician's prognosis for how long the "fix" would last is not good, and I'm watching it like a hawk. He also put a bucket under a place where it might drip and told me to watch that carefully. I'm having a houseful for happy hour Saturday, so I'm apprehensive about all this.
I decided to put my money where my mouth is, so I'm having a kickoff party for Bill White grassroots campaign for governor. Maybe I'm like my dad who always said he voted for the best man, but, what he didn't admit aloud, was the best man was always a Democrat. I was raised in an FDR-Democratic home, with even praise for the first Mayor Daley of Chicago. But in this case I really do beileve Bill White is the best man for the job--he did a good job in Houston. Granted,  he's attacking Perry on a lot of fronts (and Perry is remaining almost frighteningly silent) but I believe Perry's departure from the governor's role is long overdue. I sense a lot of energy in the White campaign--especially because he's all over Facebook, which is how President Obama started. When one friend said to me, "It's good of you to give the party, but it's like tilting at windmills," I said I didn't think so. I think White really has a good chance.
So tonight, as is my uusal compulsive habit, the serving dishes are all laid out, with little notes in them indicating what goes in which one. Today is Tuesday--the party isn't until Saturday. I know, I know. Jordan does this too, and Christian once looked at her and said, "You and your mother have a screw loose." Hey, it works for us.
Tomorrow night I am fixing supper for Charles' daughter, Marsha, which means I must go get her and take her back to the friends she's staying with because she can't drive because of blindness, Thursday night I'll cook, and Friday I'll have Jacob. Tonight was definitely the night to set the table. Hmmmm--how to keep Jacob from fiddling with all the campaign material I've spread all over the table as decoration?
But right now, I'm glorying in my cool home. Being hot, for one thing, makes you feel like you want to wash your hands every ten minutes.

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