Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trivia-and Jacob

Does someone out there in junk email-land know more about my finances than I do? I am suddenly deluged with offers of quick cash, advance loans, all sorts of ways to get instant money. Just think of the trouble people get into if they reply to these emails. They show up in my junk mail and in the mail TCU quarantines. And its just happened all of the sudden, like someone sent out word "Here's a likelly patsy."
Another frustration: figs cost like gold in the grocery (when you can find them) yet they're popular in a lot of trendy recipes in  Bon Appetit and similar publications. I have a source of wealth in my backyard--a large tree with tons of little green figs. But every time one gets at all near ripe, some critter--bird or squirrel?--takes an unappetizing chunk out of it.
A new frustration: a really sore tooth. I'm hoping by Monday, when I can call the dentist, it will have healed itself. They do that, don't they . . . sometimes?
Jacob has been here since noon--I fixed lunch for his dad and him, and we had a good visit. Then Christian went off to work. Jacob has been sweet and happy. My former neighbor Sue and her parents came for a glass of wine about five--I always enjoy her parents. They are from Canda, which gives me a link, and they're my age and nice people. Jacob, sometimes shy, was bright, outgoing and funny, and we all enjoyed a good visit. Now I'm in the throes of trying to get Jacob to bed--his mom complains that he stays up too late at my house (it has an advantage--he sleeps later in the morning). But he can draw out the bedtime process longer than anyone I know. I'm about to go turn off the TV, but he will play with his toys long after that. I always hope he'll go to sleep before I'm ready to.
Jacob was leery of my dog and cat when he was little. He long ago decided the cat is his friend and loves him (I'm not so sure about that, but Wywy tolerates him) and tonight Jacob was more involved with the dog than he has been, kept saying, "He's a good dog." He is, and he has the sweetest disposition--he's just sometimes overhwhelming with his enthusiasm. But they had a happy meeting tonight, which says to me Jacob is growing up--and maybe Scooby, who will be eleven in August, is mellowing with age.
While I kept Jacob company, I actually got a lot of work done on my food book--notes taken. I am so intrigued by this, though I'll be glad to work through the section on Wolf Brand Chili.

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