Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a Day!

What a day! is how I've wanted to begin every post this week. It has been a hectic week, mostly with house repairs.But today Jordan called in the morning to say Jacob was sick. I told her I had a longstanding date to go to Keller for lunch and couldn't keep him until I got back. Linda from Granbury picked me up and we went to Keller for lunch with Connie Jenkins--Linda has known Connie since she was a child, and Connie's late husband was my ex-husband's senior partner--over the years Russ and Connie were both so good to me, kind of watching over me and the kids. We had a pleasant lunch at an Italian restaurant--veal piccata, which means I limited myself to tuna tonight.
But Keller isn't as far as I thought, and I was home by 1:30. Jordan and Jacob arrived shortly thereafter, and he greeted me with, "I'm sick." So I settled him on his bed with a warm blanket and turned on the TV. Jordan asked him if he wanted to pee or wanted a diaper, and he said no. When he came to me and said he wanted me to turn the TV off, I didn't think to bring the diaper matter up again--big mistake. As soon as he as headed to sleep, I crawled into my bed for a nap. After about an hour, Jacob came and climbed into bed with me--and I realized he was soaking wet. When I wanted to take him to the potty, he said, "I have to show you something." Big wet spot on his bed. So the comforter went into the wash; then the mattress pad and sheets. I stripped my bed and remade with other sheets because I knew I would't want to change it late tonight. Jacob by then had 101 temp--yes, John, I used a thermometer--but he wouldn't take Ibupofren, said he'd take it at home and he wanted his mommy. Between taking care of Jacob, feeding the dog, watering  the plants, and eating a bite of supper, I wasn't even dressed when Elizabeth arrived for class.
My class tonight was a joy--only six of us instead of the usual eleven, but we had a really open evening of sharing--some very lighthearted, funny pieces, some in which people really revealed themselves, their pasts and their weaknesses. Eliabeth and I talked afterward and couldn't decide if the openness was a smaller group or because the women are getting used to each other and used to sharing. We decided if some women continue in a new class in the fall, having a mix of old and new would be good and would encourage sharing. After class discussion,  we visited over really good snacks and all agreed it was an exceptional evening. Interesting to me--some women are writing for others, particularly grandchildren, and their work is happy, sometimes sentimental, based on memories; others are writing to explore themselves, and their pieces are sometimes dark, often amazingly open. All of them spark discussions. It's a neat group.

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