Monday, July 26, 2010

Not a happy camper

Went to the dentist this morning and as I suspected there's a root canal in my immediate future. On antibiotics today, procedure Thursday morning. At this point, I'm not dreading it--I'll be glad when Thursday gets here. It's hard to eat, my mouth hurts (not unbearable but it's there), and I feel crummy--hope antibiotics will fix the latter in a day or so. I had a busy week planned with lunch and dinner plans every night, a class Thursday night (hmmm--Beth might have to teach that one). I think I'll just cancel the week, hope I'm okay by Friday when I keep Jacob for the night. Then all the Alters will spend the weekend at Jamie's in Frisco. The dentist promised me I should be okay by then.
I may be signing off for the week.

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