Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Day My House Fell Apart

This morning I had to get up and dressed early because the plumber was coming to install the new sink, fix a couple of leaky faucets, and rebuild two commodes--and he would turn the water off. So I disappeared to a breakfast meeting and some errands. Came home to find Lewis Bundock, the contractor who has kept my house together for many years, helping--or watching. His pesence was fortuitous to say the least. I discovered that my dishwasher has been recalled and should be disconnected from the electricity immediately by turning off the breaker, but as Lewis pointed out that might disconnect my entire kitchen. He unwired some part of the machine, and I'll call for a repair appointment tomorrow. Then my alarm system had gone bananas overnight--I called and learned that the battery (a 12-volt one up in the attic) was probably dead, but the technician talked so faintly I couldn't hear her. I told her there was someone there I wanted her to tell all that to. So Lewis took the phone, asked more intelligent questions than I ever would have, climbed up in the attic and brought down the old battery which was, he said, leaking acid. So we put it in a bag, I'll go get a new one tomorrow (taking the old one with me), and call Lewis when I have it. He'll come put it back in. Whenever I asked him what else could go wrong, he said, "Don't even ask!" But my new bathroom sink is lovely--smaller than the old one so it makes the bathroom a bit less crowded. The kitchen faucet doesn't leak, neither does the hot water in the shower, and the commode behaves properly. By noon Lewis and the plumber, Keith, were gone, and I had my house back, peace and quiet. Got a lot of good work done.
Then this afternoon, the owner of the a/c firm came by to measure for a new furnace unit, check the coolant on hand, etc. He said I'm fine and if they don't get a new unit in by Friday, they'll call and come check the coolant level so it will last through the weekend. It's apparently leaking at a good rate. He'll email me figures and choices on a new unit tomorrow. The new high energy ones save on heat but not electricity--and my electric bills in summer far outweigh my winter gas bills, so high energy may not be worth it, and since I don' have to replace the outdoor compressor, I may not spend enough to be eligible for a tax credit. All very complicated stuff. But for now my house is cool.
Colin got out of the hospital tonight, but he was so anxious to go home he didn't tell Lisa what the doctor said--just told her to get over there and pick him up and then he'd tell her. So we're relieved but anxious to know more.
Whoosh! What a day.

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