Friday, January 29, 2010

More rain and cold

Weather reports this morning were confusing, but there was no doubt it was raining and very cold. Some reports said freezing by late morning; others said late afternoon; still others said freezing by noon and a warm air mass moving in. None of them were actually right--surprise. But I rushed to the grocery store to get home in case all that wet mess decided to freeze. Then I tentatively cancelled dinner plans to meet good friends, and I'd been so looking forward to the visit, but I wasn't venturing out on ice. Then suggested they drive the VW instead of the Smart Car and pick me up. Then realized, late afternoon, that the streets were perfectly dry so it didn't matter. I'm sure they got tired of my vascillating emails! 37 when I left home (for a restaurant just down the street from me) and 33 when I got home. Supposed to get very cold tonight but no more wetness.
Had a great dinner with Elizabeth and Weldon. She was a student worker in my office, probably 15 years ago--makes us both feel old to talk about it--but she has worked almost ever since graduation for a company that produces manuals for accountants. Plus she re-made herself with Weight Watchers, became an activist for young girls and took Leadership Fort Worth, and became a yoga instructor. I am so proud of her! Weldon is in sales, though like too many these days, he's now looking for a job--there's so much he would be good at. His interests are in classic comic books, Star Trek kind of stuff--all that puzzles me, but I am very fond of him. We had a good dinner at Chadra, the Italian/Lebanese place near me--they shared chicken schwarma and I had kafta--lamb and sirloin in grilled meat sticks--well, they're not hamburgers, not meatballs--shaped like long fat sausages. Very good, brought half of it home.
I am really proud that I am 5700 words into my new mystery. Writing, I've decided, is like unraveling a tangle of string--this thing leads to that, and new ideas pop into your head so that before you know it, you're creating complications, adding characters, fleshing out the bare-bones idea in all kinds of ways. Very satisfying. I'll work more on it tonight.
Right  now, though, I'm glad to be warm and cozy in my robe in my house, my dog and cat with me. Tomorrow is to be cold but dry, and all I have on my agenda is a trip to Central Market. Life is good.

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