Sunday, January 17, 2010

A lovely lazy day--and more cooking

Today I putzed--it took me most of the morning to read the paper, straighten the house and kitchen, do my yoga, start a laundry, shower--you name it, and it was almost lunch time. I spent much of the afternoon reading July Hyzy's new Eggsecutive Orders, the latest in a series about a White House chef that I really enjoy.I love getting lost in a book that I don't want to see end.
Tonight Jacob brought his parents to supper. When he got here, he was in a foul mood, and he and his dad soon tangled, with the result that Jacob ended up in time-out. Then he declared he didn't like what I served for dinner, until I gave him a special treat of a bowl of blueberries. Then he brightened up, ate the rest of his dinner, and was a delight. It's hard to be three years old, and it's also hard to be the parents of a three-year-old.
I fixed a recipe that had intrigued me but then left me uncertain. You line two baking sheets with foil (should have sprayed Pam on the one with potatoes and carrots). Chop leeks (did you know they cost like gold?) and sweet onion,toss in a tiny bit of oil, put on one rimmed baking sheet, and put it on the top rack of the oven; Cut Yukon Gold potatoes and carrots into chunks, toss in oil,  and put on the other pan, on the lower shelf. Bake at 500 (that's really right!) for 15 minutes. Take out the onions, add a turkey kielbasa in chunks to the potatoes and carrots and bake another 15 minutes. Mix it all together and serve with a sauce of country Dijon, low-fat sour cream and a bit of water to thin. So good! Jacob finally decided he really liked it, especially the sauce.  He and his daddy earned Sandie cookies. And then they put Christmas back up in the attic--Jacob was thrilled to be in the attic.
My desk is almost empty. I've read some manuscsripts and done some snooping and thinking for TCU Press. My agent sent a tip sheet last week that he'll send out with my manuscript, which I take as a good sign, expecially since he hasn't said it needed any editing--maybe that's still to come. So it's time for me to start a new project--and I have a second series in mind. Just need to stop reading other people's books and concentrate on my own--but not tonight.

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