Sunday, April 05, 2009

Social networking

I heard on TV this morning that boomers are taking to social networking (okay, they're a bit younger than me), but I've dipped my toe into Facebook. My kids kept telling me it was a way to keep up with my family, and so I signed up. Then other people kept asking me to be their friends, though I see lots of posts from some and none from othes. Those from my family are the most fun--Jamie and Maddie apparently had a special day today, and Brandon appears to have taken Sawyer someplace where they could play on cannons, which would deight Sawyer--he likes things that explode. I complain a lot that Jamie never responds to e-mails, rarely instigates one himself, seldom answers phone calls. But now all of a sudden I came follow him through a day--when he gets to the gym, when he leaves, where they're going for dinner, etc.
Today, Megan, whose family is "complete," posted a notice asking for a good brand of baby moniotor, which led a friend of hers to ask an insinuating question about why she is asking. For the first time, I stuck that toe farther into the water and added a comment. Which is what I wanted to do when Lisa, whose family is also "complete," wondered on Facebook how Morgan and Lisa would like their new baby sister or brother. Took me a minute to catch on--it was April Fool's Day. Mostly, though, I'm what Sisters in Crime describe as a lurker, one who reads but doesn't often comment. You can actually get kicked off their list for lurking.
But back to Facebook, I figure it will be a good way to publicize my cookbook when it comes out. Have to think of a good, succinct line. Sisters in Crime advises that social networking and the internet are the best ways to pulicize your books, and I suspect it's true. I also suspect that the days of bookstore signings are waning. The things today are social networking sites, blogs, and blog tours. You should have seen the amazement on my colleagues faces at our last academic presses sales meeting--they knew nothing about that whole publicity world out there. Made me feel on the cutting edge.
Windy and cold here today--who ever heard of near-freeze after the first week of April? I chose today of course to go to nursery--and they were out of the double bloom Fiesta impatiens I wanted. I did buy basil, which will stay in my greenhouse window until the weather warms up--and fountain grass, which is on the fireplace stone hearth, along with the cilantro. I can't believe a Texan is saying this but I hope it warms up and stays that way soon. 80s would be nice.
I finally broke down, lost my pride, and asked Jay to come replace that darn light bulb in the bathroom. I tried three times and just couldn't reach enough to make the socket take a grasp on the bulb so I could screw it in. I even took a chair and the stool in the bathroom--Jay said that was a very bad idea--and lost my nerve. So nice to know it was the light bulb and not me. He had trouble with it too--it was an LED bulb and doesn't go in as easily. Then he very nicely took two bags of soil out of my trunk for me. I think somehow in attacking that light bulb I messed up my shoulder again.
My plan tomorrow is to hit the ground running. I spent all last week rescheduling appointments for this week, and now I'm starting to reschedule this week for next. And I need to go to the grocery store or run out of essentials like dog bones. So that's first on my agenda, followed by work as long as I can last, and maybe lunch with Jean, and an important trip to the vet to get dog food. OOps, I'm tired already, but I've got to start doing some of the things I postponed from last week.
And I need a Jacob visit. Haven't seen him in two weeks and by Friday, the first time I probably will, it will be three weeks. Withdrawl, since I usually see him a couple of times a week. Hope he remembers me.

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