Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cookbooks and diet--what a combination

The cookbook is in the warehouse at A&M now, and I'm hearing nice things from my friends there about the recipes they want to cook, etc. And I'm slowly giving copies to the people who contributed recipes. Had dinner with Betty tonight and gave her one. Now begins the real work of marketing. Finally figured out why I couldn't post the cover--I had a pdf and needed a jpeg. Ah, the technicalities I learn! Anyway if you're interested you can order copies by calling 1-800-826-8911.
When my friends Jean and Jeannie announced they had joined Weight Watchers, I smiled at them tolerantly. When Jeannie told me the other day she's lost l2 lbs. I paid more attention. Then this week I went to the doctor and it was clear I have not made any headway in losing the weight I gained over the past 6-8 months. So I signed up for Weight Watchers online--I don't really want to go to meetings, and I'm so used to being at the computer, this should work fine for me. I was going to keep it a secret, but my kids will tell you I'm awful about keeping secrets. Besides, I thought going public on the blog would make me stick to it--just as having to pay to participate will make the Scottish blood in me determined to stick to it. So, here I am, 24 hours later, trying to learn the point system. Jeannie assured me it was easy, I could eat whatever I wanted, and I'd never use up all my points. I don't know what she's eating, but my points add up pretty quickly. And of course I'm still learning which foods are what they call filler foods--fill you up without adding a lot of points. Today I learned that grapes are emphatically not filler foods--they cost. But yesterday and today, I have managed to stay within my point limit--just barely. And I haven't been hungry, though I admit to a terrible longing for chocolate right after lunch. Chocolate is off my list for a long time to come--which will also save me grocery money because I was buying wonderful gourmet milk chocolate bars with peants and jalapenos, me who doesn't like peppers! OK, I've got to stop talking about that or I'll break down and eat some. But truly, I have eaten well, foods I like. Tonight at an upscale restaurant I had Caesar salad--a lot of points but not like I'd ordered the signature chicken friend steak with green onion mashers (doesn't that sound good?). Wish me luck with this folks. If I could lose 20 lbs. I would be a really happy camper.
I tried to diet last night, but it was hard--Jordan and family came for dinner, and she requested baked potatoes to go with the grilled pork tenderloin (I found out I can do that on the indoor grill quite nicely--in fact, it was delicious and I have leftovers), broccoli and salad. I only ate a very little bit of potato with butter and sour cream, but my goodness it was good.
Jacob was in an effervescent mood after he sort of recovered from his day at school. He got to boxing with his shadow on the kitchen wall and had us in hysterics. He saw the large bruise on my arm (more frightening than serious) and thereafter asked to see it 43 times, asking his mom one time, "Is it dirty?" After he determined it wasn't dirty, he kissed it to make it better. He doesn't realize he's a star in the cookbook world yet :-)

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