Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bad Day

I spent all afternoon yesterday valiantly trying to convince myself that my runny nose and sneezes were allergy, aggravated by driving around the pasture and all those dusty cows. My brother, a physician, said he thought I was coming down with a cold. In the middle of the night, it was clear he was right, and I spent most of the night sneezing, blowing my nose, tossing and turning, and very little of it sleeping. This morning I cancelled my lunch plans, gave up a much-anticipated trip to the nursery for porch plans, and wandered around the house, feeling to miserable to do anything. Went back to bed and have beem there much of the day. Tonight the nose is some better, but a cough has developed--the cold is running its course, and I hope it does so fairly quickly. But I expect I'll stay home from work tomorrow. At least my isolation will be over and I can email folks and get some things moving.
I was supposed to keep Jacob tonight and had such a lovely dinner planned for him--a chopped sirloin patty we could share, broccoli, and a sweet potato I was going to cube and roast with olive oil. Needless to say, he didn't come over, and the food sounded awful to me. My neighbor, Susan, brought me 7-Up and some dry toasts--and that was supper.
I think I'm off to bed again.

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