Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brussel sprouts

The lowly Brussel sprout. Most people despise them. I remember eating them boiled as a child and not particularly liking them. When my kids were little, I used to douse them in hollandaise which went over fairly well. Since my brother's son is named Russell, we called them Russell sprouts. But I haven't thought much about them in years. Recently one or two attempts to shred and pan fry or shred and roast proved sort of disastrous. But tonight I roasted them--tossed them in olive oil, lots of salt and pepper, and put them in a 400 oven. It may be that's too hot or my oven runs too hot, but the outer leaves charred. Still the outside was crisp and the inside soft and good. I really enjoyed them. I also made salmon croquettes. Megan called while I was cooking and said, "Yummm!" When the kids were little for a while we had the teenage daughter of friends living with us--they had moved, and she wanted to finish high school where she had started--also didn't want to leave her boyfriend. At the same time, we had a pediatrician friend who was a bachelor, and he used to show up unannounced for dinner. I can remember one night when Jeanine looked out the window, saw him turn in the driveway, and asked, "Why does he always show up when we're having salmon croquettes?" They were a great favorite then and remain one now. My mom taught me to ignore all those recipes that call for mashed potatoes and use cracker crumbs as filler. I made a small can of salmon into croquettes tonight, so I had some for dinner--and, double yummm!--some left for a sandwich tomorrow at noon.
I'm in a phase of writing little bit, no matter how little nor how mundane, every night. I figure it's sort of like putting one foot in front of the other. My full manuscript of the first novel in the series has been out to one publisher since eary February, but I vow to be patient--they require an exclusive, so I'm not submitting elsewhere. And that's kind of pleasant--not to worry about who I should be querying. I've about decided, as cometitive as the mystery market is, to forego the agent route and concentrate on small publishers. And if no one picks up the two books I've done, I have an idea for a historical mystery, but it would involve lots of research.
Today Jeannie and I went shopping for supplies for the Books & Music in the Garden event Sunday--that girl is nothing if not efficient. We went to the Party Warehouse, Costco, Swiss Pastry Shop (where we stopped long enough for lunch and I wolfed down a bratwurst, kraut and German potato salad), and finally the liquor store--all in about two hours. Along the way, though, we snuck in a stop at a funny mall-like place where one booth features Flax clothing--Jeannie dragged me in there, didn't buy anything, but I did. I got a lovely shirt that is sort of a peacock blue and shimmers with different colors, the way that peacock feathers do. John and Cindy gave me a flax dress for Christmas that I really enjoy wearing, so they kind of led me into this too.

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