Friday, April 03, 2009

Two steps backward and maybe one large step forward

This morning, I had a plan. I'd get up early shower, get into the office early and last as long as I could. By the time I had brushed my teeth, showered and shampooed, it was clear my plan was unworkable. I stumbled back to bed, but couldn' sleep because of the coughing, which had kept me awake all night. Finally called John about the cough syrup he prescribed when in practice, and he said it was time to go to my physician. I called and they could see me about 9:30, so i got dressed. Then they called and said 1:30, so I spent the whole morning sort of waiting to go to the doctor.
Verdict: "a little bit of pneumonia." The remedy: $78 worth of prescriptions. Came home, got started on them, including the cough syrup, and slept two and a half hours fairly peacefully. I presume I'll really start feeling better tomorrow--counting on it. I have so much to do and right now so little energy to do it. Laundry is staring at me, and a light bulb needs to be replaced. Food is a great problem because nothing sounds good--I've had a lot of cheese today--cottage cheese for breakfast, 1/2 pimiento cheese sandwich for lunch, and 1/2 grilled cheese fo supper. None of it really tasted good. I keep thinkin Ill feel like trying some baked chilcken.
Enough whining. Lots of people have lots worse health problems than I do, and mine will go away in a few days for sure.

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