Saturday, April 25, 2009

Introducing new foods to a three-year-old

Master Jacob is spending the night tonight and has been in really good humor the whole evening, laughing, talking, teasing, hiding from me, etc. A contrast to the nights when he's been in day care and is sooooo tired. I decided I would enlarge his food horizons, so I cut a sweet potato into cubes, tossed it with olive oil, salt and pepper and baked it, steamed some asparagus (pretty tough and woody), and gave him leftover pork tenderloin (which he declined earlier in the week) and avocado. Jordan always puts his food on a china plate, heats it in the microwave, and then transfers it to one of his plastic plates. I did that, but big mistake--I put the avocado on the plate and heated it. Jacob informed me it was nasty. Long story short, he spit out eveything he took a bite of, and I was really glad I didn't share my Dover sole with him. I broke down and did what goes against my principles--made him a piece of cheese toast, which he said he wanted but barely ate two bites of. Still, it's a grandmother's privilege to indulge so I gave him one cookie--but I held firm when he wanted a second. Jordan advises giving him his milk early so he can pee before he gets his night diaper. Did that, but then when I had him all set for bed, he wanted more milk (and no, the session on the potty was a bust--he said, "No peepee."). I thought what the heck? Milk is good for him. He took one sip and threw the sippee cup on the floor--it's now in the fridge for morning. But he went peacefully and happily to bed. He has been fascinated by the monitor in my office, so I told him if he sang me a song I could hear him but all I hear is him rattling around. When he were in Houston, Jordan decided he couldn't sleep in his pack-and-play because he was too long, but I had him stretch out in mine tonight and he still fits.
Other than Jacob's visit, the day was a bust. Other than an early trip to Central Market--where I had to ask for help from the cart guy to get across the driveway (made me so mad!)--I did zilch, wandered around, emptied the recycle thing, read a bit, just piddled, and knew I needed to be engaged. So after I ate my lunch, I cleaned the refrigerator, made the meat sauce for tomorrow night's casserole, steamed the asparagus for tonight, and cleaned the indoor grill which I had ignored since cooking the pork tenderloins on Tuesday. Made me feel a lot better to move around and do things.
I do get to read a lot when Jacob is here--he plays contentedly with the toys in the playroom, and I sit and read. Occasionally he comes to have a long conversation with me, about half of which I get. We play "Where's Jacob?" much to his delight, and tonight he gave Scooby a bone--something he's been afraid of lately. So it's been a pleasant day and most pleasant evening.

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