Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring in Texas

It's been warm and windy lately--typical spring weather. Last night Sue and I sat on the porch with glasses of wine and caught up, enjoying the lovely evening. Tonight it was breezier but I took a book and a glass of wine outside and mostly spent my time gazing at the trees that have now all leafed out. I live in an older neighborhood (my house was built in 1922) where the trees arch over the street, and when I sit on my porch I can ignore the traffic and feel surrounded by a forest. The oak tree at the west edge of my property fascinates me--it was so little when I moved it (I'm sure it was a volunteer that no one trimmed back) but now, 15 years later, it is a magnificent tree. In front, by the curb, there's a huge old elm that a few years ago went through a spell of losing big branches. Since it's technically the city's tree, I always lived in fear that they'd just cut the whole thing down but so far they haven't. I did worry a bit tonight as I watched some of the larger branches sway in the wind. They said we might have severe weather today, but no signs of it. Rain would be most welcome--it is badly needed--but I can do without thunder, lightning and hail. I love a good storm, but I've lived in Texas long enough to be leery of them--and Scooby is impossible if it storms, scared to death. A friend called me this afternoon from, oh, maybe a mile-and-a-half way and said it was sprinkling at his house--not at mine! I think my love of storms traces back to childhood summers in the Indiana Dunes, where we had a cabin at the very foot of Lake Michigan and could watch storms roll down the length of the lake.
As I sat on the porch tonight I watched a swarm of activity at my neighbors' across the street--lots of cars (mostly SUVs), young boys running back and forth, and then a pickup pulling a trailer that said "Troop ????" (sorry, I don't remember). But I think they're having a massive campout in their backyard--and I wish them well. It made me a bit nostalgic for the days when my boys were in scouting. I remember once when Jamie was going on an weekend camping trip and had gotten his shoes all wet and muddy (he never could avoid a puddle), so I dried them on the space heater in our 1920s fireplace--too shallow for a fire and obviously built for a gas heater. Of course, I fried them--and had to call friends who had a shoe store and ask them to meet us early. Then I ran by the gathering point for the scouts, asked them to be patient, and went off to buy Jame new shoes. I love all those memories of the good old days--and the odd details that pop up in my mind.
Busy at work today but lazy since I got home, mostly reading a novel. I wish I had a project that engaged me. I'm so uncertain about the mystery and about the future of my efforts in that direction that I procrastinate. I need a lesson in positive thinking.
My Weight Watchers plan is going okay. Today after eating tuna for lunch I was still hungry so I ate a banana--that adds a lot of points. And tonight I had a small piece of chocolate. My good friend Elizabeth, who lost a lot of weight using the online program, urged me to eat chocolate occasionally because I like it so well. It was a welcome treat. Generally I am finding the diet just fine but am amazed at how fast I can use up the points.

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