Monday, April 13, 2009

Back in the routine

Today, I got back to the real world. Went to work this morning but was so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open--it was a dull, cloudy day, and I'm sure that was most of it. Did get quite a bit done, then came home and napped, and when I woke the day was bright and sunny. I did my yoga (first time, with one exception, in three and a half weeks). To my surprise my balance was really great. I had noticed, sleeping on the air mattress, that I had no trouble getting up, though in the middle of the night in the dark I held on to the desk for extra security. Fed the dog, watered the plants, did all those chores, and settled down at my desk.
When I was in Houston I had a clear dream about my novel and so tonight I moved ahead with it, writing furiously as things came to mind, with little thought of structure, etc. I'll have to go back and enlarge, rewrite, create scenes out of patches of pure dialog, but I was getting the story on paper. And I think I'll proceed that way.
Wish I had some deep thoughts or something extraordinary to report, but I don't.

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