Thursday, November 06, 2008

'Tis the season--early

It's only early November, but I can feel the pace of things picking up. Maybe it's because we've all been in sort of suspended animation until the election, but now Obama has withdrawn to do his planning and Sarah Palin has gone home to Alaska amidst many stories, and we can put all that behind us. Well, maybe, sort of.
But the last few days I have felt overwhelmed by all I had to do, much of it office business, so that I worked until ten o'clock one night and 8:30 tonight on office business (with time out for a lovely dinner). But then there's a huge launch party next week and lots of review copies that should have gone out last week, and I feel like I'll never catch up or get back to my own personal work.
Thanksgiving will be upon us before we know it. We will all 16 of us go to my brother's, where there will be about 30 people. Such fun to watch all the little ones together. I presume my kids will spend the weekend, so I have to start thinking about meals. And then my annual Christmas party is Dec. 6, much earlier than usual, for various reasons. So I have to plan for that. Intend to get the invitations out this weekend and start on some cooking that can be frozen. It's the time of year when I give up being a writer for a while and turn domestic, but my office still is sooooo busy. I figure I might better enjoy than complain.
Betty and I went to a local bistro tonight, one where we usually split the tapas platter, but it had several things I didn't like, and Betty is always agreeable. We had Ceasar salad--a reall spicy version--and then split a linguini dish with goat cheese, spinach and artichokes--absolutely delicious, but even splitting it we each took home a portion. It was fun to relax and laugh and forget I had to write three tipsheets when I got home.
Now the tipsheets are done, and I'm going to have a glass of wine and read a book. I did my yoga today, hoping to slow down my motor. I think it strengthened my muscles--I can almost stand on my left foot without any bracing from the toes of the right. But I'm not sure what it did for my internal motor.

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