Friday, November 07, 2008


Jacob is spending the night tonight--I can hear him singing to himself in his crib. He does so many adorable things that I will lapse into an adoring grandmother role and wish I'd had the camera ready. He ate linguine with goat cheese sauce (left over from last night), smoked turkey (left over) and canned green beans; then he wanted my chopped sirloin patty, and I gave him part of it. Then he eyed my salad and I gave him some--his idea of eating salad is to hold up a strip of lettuce and lick off the dressing, though he finally got so he would just stuff the lettuce in his mouth. Neither blue cheese nor a fairly sharp vinaigrette seemed to bother him.
I've decided Jacob thinks my house is chill-out time--he spends his time watching DVDs, and I used to worry about that. But he's so comfortable doing it--and I can sit in the same room with him, work, read, whatever. As I confessed before, I was never good at playing with my children. So Jacob and I have an understanding--we talk, we roughhouse a bit, we giggle, but pretty much we leave each other alone.
At bedtime--this is so cute--he goes and gets my kitchen stepstool and puts it by the pack-and-play. I help him from the stool to the bed, but it makes it easier for me. I do move it away just in case, but I expect he'll sleep soundly until 7:30 or 8, once he stops singing and talking. He's so agreeable about going to bed.
It's been an enormously busy week at work, and I've done office work at the office and at home almost all day every day, still have some to do tonight. I find I am really tired. But there's still so much more to be done, and next week is a mess of an AT&T installation, doctor's appointments, lumch engagements, and a big launch party in Dallas. I' even more tired thinking about it. What did I say about the pace pcking up in November? Double that.
And a lazy weekend? Well, sort of. But I have to start cooking and freezing for my annual Christmas party, my neighbor is coming for happy hour Saturday, and I have dinner guests Sunday night. I guess there'll be a few lazy moments--and some naps--in there.

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