Monday, October 03, 2016

Today nothing happened

Nothing happened today. I had the dog groomer on my calendar, but it turned out they didn’t have me on theirs. I thought an acquaintance was coming to pick up a book and see the cottage, but that’s tomorrow. So the only person I saw was Jordan who flipped in and out at lunchtime. In the afternoon Jacob woke me so I could be dressed and presentable when the bank lady came to discuss finalizing remodeling costs. And that was it.

I spent the day alone, working at my desk, like a happy but busy beaver. I always start the day with emails and Facebook; then, today, I finished some insurance paperwork and read the book I’m reading for the Sarton competition from Story Circle Network. I really enjoyed the day.

Too often the outside world intrudes on my little hideaway. Tomorrow the home health nurse will come, as will the fan who I thought was coming today. Perhaps Subie and Phil will come for happy hour, because I do believe they’re home from New Mexico tonight.

Two semi-happenings for the day: Christian was fixing pork tenderloin, new potatoes, and salad. They asked if I wanted to join them, but I had seen a new way to scramble eggs and my mouth was set. According to Alton Brown, you mix three eggs—a large helping for me—with 1 tsp. water and 1 tsp. room-temperature mayonnaise (it makes the eggs creamier). I told Jordan about that but she was notably unimpressed. She and Megan like their eggs hard as rocks. Anyway, back to Alton Brown—you heat you cast iron skillet for five minutes on medium. With my induction burner, that was obviously out of the question, but I heated the skillet for five minutes, removed it from the heat, and made sure a pat of butter covered the whole surface. With the pan still off the burner, I poured in the egg mixture, stirred, and let it alone for however long. Nothing happened. The eggs weren’t cooking. I finally put the pan back on the medium burner and cooked the eggs the way I know how.

They were soft—the way I like them—creamy, buttery and delicious. Once again, I followed my cooking instincts instead of the instructions, but I do think the tsp. of mayonnaise is a good idea. Jordan scoffed, but Colin happened to call and said, “I’d eat that.” Of course he’s my kid who will eat eggs scrambled with cottage cheese—a favorite trick for my mom.

The other nice thing was Jacob came in the door about eight, with his pillow and blanket, and announced he’s spending the night. I’ve had some restless nights lately, so just knowing he’s here will be a comfort. I suspect in part he likes to come out here because I forget to tell him his iPad time is over. But I love it that he wants to be out here…and I love him.

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Judy Alter said...

I hope no one saw a clown behind my cottage. That would make it a memorable day but not in a pleasant way. The clowns are apparently in Fort Worth and threatening schools. What if they are Trojan horses?
Coyotes are also in my neighborhood. If I've kept track correctly, two cats killed last night.
The world musts be going you-know-where in a handbasket.