Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hurry Up and Wait

Colin and Morgan at home in the cottage

My oldest son, Colin, and his eleven-year-old daughter, Morgan, have come for the weekend with the explicit goals of figuring out my finances yet again!, figuring out what to do about my car and driving, and a couple of other things. They arrived about noon, and we had an enjoyable visit until two. Then Colin announced it was time for my nap, and they would run errands. Just before six, Morgan was here but we had no idea where Colin was. He finally came in a bit later and when I asked about my car, he said, “I went by to look at it but errands ran away with the day.” I didn’t ask why he waited to do errands until he got up here. But there it was—six o’clock—and we/d done nothing except have a nice visit.

Before I retired that would have driven me wild. I would have complained about the errands and called him two or three times to ask when he’d be home. The new me took a long nap and decided he was the one who had come up here with a plan and he’d get to it sooner or later.

Meantime, Jordan and Christian hosted a formal dinner party tonight—well, at least as formal as they get. Colin, Morgan, and I stayed in the cottage, though folks came out to see us. Jordan sweetly served us dinner—best steak we’ve had in forever. I couldn’t eat the mashed potatoes, to my dismay, because they had cream cheese in them. But we are full and happy.

And we’ve pretty much brought Colin’s files on my business up to date—Colin will be the executor someday and is now my unofficial financial consultant so it’s important for him to keep up.

Tomorrow he’ll get my car out of Subie’s driveway and bring it up to my driveway. We’ll sit in it and talk about how I feel—can I react fast enough to get my foot from gas to brake in an emergency? Does the inflexible brace allow me enough ankle movement to react and control the car? Will the walker fit in the back seat? If I talk the walker and go somewhere alone am I in more danger of falling getting it in and out? So many questions. A friend offered me an appropriate amount for the car, but Colin’s wife said if I’m to sell it, I should sell it to them. So many questions but fortunately we don’t have to decide tomorrow. Part of that lesson I learned.

Meantime I will sleep happily tonight knowing that I have one child and one grandchild under my cottage roof.

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