Sunday, October 09, 2016

I did it! I cooked a meal!

Okay, Jordan helped—plus she did most of the dishes. But I really did cook our main—and only—dish. It was a pork and white bean chili recipe that I found in prowling through recipes. It was relatively easy with few ingredients—ground pork, cannellini beans, chicken broth, cumin, salt, green chilies (a poblano chile was optional and we optioned to omit it). On serving, you sprinkled it with shredded Monterrey Jack and lime juice. I bypassed the cheese, but the lime juice makes an enormous difference. We definitely decided the recipe is a keeper, and I did most of the cooking—Jordan did the stirring, adding broth and beans as needed.

For me, a big part of the satisfaction I got was in standing up to cook—and I did. I’m intimidated by weaning myself from my walker, and I am often hesitant to walk because my legs and low back ache—a result, I’m sure, of changes in my structure from wearing the walking boot. I think it’s getting better but it’s slow. So I’m proud of what I did tonight. I try to stand and walk as much as I can, but I realize it’s not enough.

A good day. I had a guest blog on my mind for 24 hours—I knew how it was going to work out, and I thought it would be one of those times when writing is sheer joy. When the words flow, and it just pours out. Not at all how it worked out—each word came like pulling teeth. And it was a subject I am really interested in—the history of the Ferris wheel—an astounding story. The original and only genuine Ferris wheel could carry 38,000 passengers a day. I know enough about writing to know that simply having gotten the draft done I accomplished a lot. The easy part will be tomorrow going back to polish.

So tomorrow I go back to it again—polishing, choosing what I’m writing, studying what to write next. I do it because writing is what I choose to do with my life, and it’s a great life.

The debate? Yes, I’ve got it on. I find Trump subdued tonight, but he goes for the old debate trick: when accused, turn the accusation to your opponent.

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