Monday, October 10, 2016

Bad Day at Black Rock

We all have bad days but today was surely one that I’m glad to put behind me. I’m often slow to get dressed in the mornings—it takes time to move my feet around and into pants and shoes, and I have to put on my brace. Today I lingered in bed until it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to use the potty—yes, I had one of my sudden GI attacks. By the time I got over that and redressed, I had spent an hour—and was pretty demoralized.

I went to work at my computer with a certain determination. I’d had a couple of spells of drifting off and then catching myself at my computer, and I surely didn’t want that to happen again. I think it’s the only bad thing that didn’t happen today.

AT&T sent me a friendly reminder that my bill was overdue for the cell phone. Checked the bank records and I made two payments in September. Result was that I spent about an hour and a half on a conference call with the bank and AT&T. The representatives of both were cheerful and helpful but it takes time to dig through records and find the solution. I am incredibly indebted to the two women I talked to, but I was so frustrated spending all that time on hold when I could have been doing something—anything—else.  We have it straightened out, I think.

Jordan came in just as I finished the call and sympathized, which was a help. I doctored the tuna from yesterday and in futzing about the kitchen managed to flip the tuna fork onto the floor, spattering tiny bits of tuna all over the kitchen area. Let Sophie in—it took her a few minutes, but when she discovered the tuna, she cleaned it up for me. I had a box of wine (shh! Don’t judge) on the counter and when Jordan came back in she discovered I hadn/t turned the spigot all way off and it was sending a steady stream of chardonnay to the wonderful wood floor in the kitchen area. On hands and knees, she wiped it up—and left me feeling apologetic and guilty. Nothing I did went right today.

Subie called and came by for a quick visit—during which time I had another GI accident. Fortunately, she’s an understanding friend, and it didn’t bother her at all. After she left, I settled down to edit the blog draft I’d written last night—not for my blog. Napped about three and slept till shortly after five.

No more major or minor upsets but I figure I’d had enough for the day—including spooning my dinner soup all over my pants. Neighbors came over to see my digs and then I got back to work. I’m ready to put this day to bed.


Unknown said...

I do my payments through Wells Fargo online bill pay. That way I can see when is the last time I paid a bill real easy. I hate talking to them on the phone.

judyalter said...

I hate talking to them too and am grateful to the bank for acting as intermediary. I pay through Frost Online but had to figure out why they didn't have the ;ayments I showed.

Unknown said...

Well, I don't have to make any bill payments as the VA appointed a Financial Custodian to handle all bills and the VA allotment for me. He really pays all bills and is one of the nicest guys around. Even sends me books he thinks I might like, calls periodically just to chat, and keeps me from spending too much altogether. My daughter takes care of the rest of the income as she is my Legal Guardian. I have some problems as well. It's no secret to you, I'm certain, that I have onsetting Alzheimer's BUT my daughter caught it in its infancy and had me tested so meds have really slowed down its advances so I'm in pretty good shape. I do have my times, though. Like forgetting a pan on the stove and having it burn up a couple of times. So, dear Judy, you are not alone.

judyalter said...

Neither are you alone, my friend. At this point in our lives we are blessed with family and friends.