Friday, October 07, 2016

Stormy days

My dinner tonight
Lovely early this morning to be wakened by crashing thunder and heavy rain, the kind of noise that makes you want to snuggle down in the covers and stay there all day. It was not so lovely when a wet dog jumped in the middle of my bed and refused to be budged to give me any space. Sophie, once brave and undaunted, is now terrified of thunder. Jordan had let her out at seven and put her right back in. Hence my wet visitor.

Spent the day spinning my wheels, taking one step forward and two backward. Tried to uipload a book to several digital platforms, on review found a typo, went back to correct it, and now I can’t get the text to upload. And similar frustrations/

Planned to finish reading the book I’m almost through with tonight, but I had young people here until 9:30—finishing that book goes on tomorrow’s agenda. I wouldn’t trade the company for work time. I’ll have plenty of that over the weekend.

Big achievement today was cooking a good, balanced dinner from scratch. I planned for it to be the first meal I cooked all alone but Jordan and Chandry came out here and nothing would do that Jordan took over the cooking, laughing about how much fun it was. We fried a potato in olive oil, then quickly cooked four cut-up stalks of asparagus and seared a ground sirloin slider. Good, and I ate most of it, but I have to learn to cut the amount of olive oil. Good grease but still grease, and I felt the dinner was heavy because of all that oil.

The young people are all getting old—it’s 9:30 and they’ve gone. And I’m getting older—woke with a touch of a rainy day headache, and it’s back tonight. Time to take myself to bed. Hoping for another storm tonight.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

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Randy Eickhoff said...

Sure, Judy, I'd like to visit you when I can. Message me with your address and I'll slip over when I'm able.