Friday, October 21, 2016

Time Change, Computer Woes, and Where did My Energy Go?

There’s something nostalgic, sweet but sad, about the waning twilight as we approach the shift back to Central Standard Time. The air seems to take on a golden glow, as if mimicking fall colors, and the sunlight is less harsh than summer’s direct rays. I for one would stay with daylight savings all the time. I dread the early darkness.

My record so far this week: full days with a working computer: 0; partial days with a working computer: 2; days without a computer: 2. Not a good record for a writer, nor is it good for my peace of mind. Being compulsive, I always have a to-do list—and information for getting it done is locked in my computer. Everything from today’s grocery list to my calendar and notes for a thousand projects. Writing last night’s blog this morning because the computer refused to put down letters last night. And when I tried to type the word “Time” (above), it instead merrily told me it was 8:41. I have p in frustration.

Highlight of the day: an hour telephone consultation with a TCU tech who took over my computer, got rid of a bunch of malware and generally got me back in working order. It’s a delight to work on the computer without fearing it will do something weird in a minute. So much to do from the weeklong backup

At ten o’clock last night Jordan was out blowing leaves off the patio. Watering olants and arranging five small lit skeleton heads outside my window for my viewing pleasure. I was collapsed at my desk in fatigue. I read a post from a neighborhood mom who had three kids with three simultaneous practices and her husband was out of town. She took it all in stride. I remember those days when I didn’t get out of the car until ten and then spent the next two hours doing chores. I hate to admit this but it’s apparently true that energy and enthusiasm (for some things) generally diminish with age.

Today, however, is already a much better day because my computer works and because it's a lovely sunny day. Looking forward to the weekend.

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