Saturday, October 29, 2016

Brazen Hussies Friday            

I belong to a small but oh so significant writers group that holds Brazen Hussies Friday every week. I‘m not sure of the official requirements, but I do know that every Friday, we celebrate the good things we’ve accomplished or that randomly came our way during the past week. Some of us have to be coaxed; others are indeed truly brazen and we all cheer for them because the more brazen you are the more you get done.

I am somewhere in the middle—often having things to brag about but never feeling they measure up to the brags of others in the group; after just a couple of weeks, you learn to recognize brazen hussies by their bragging styles.

I think the custom is great because it encourages looking back on your work and assessing it. This week was one of medium accomplishment for me. The biggest was that I survived, with my sanity relative untouched, a whole week of computers glitches. The technician I was dealing with was patient and finally got it fixed.

Beyond that I edited the November issue of our neighborhood newsletter and got it off my desk, blogged occasionally when the computer would permit, finished and evaluated the book I was reading for the Sarton award,

My bad for the week: when you are told you are lactose intolerant that means even a little cream cheese tucked away in sushi. Lesson learned the hard way.

On Mondays this same group plans the week—each of us outline our goals for the week, which is great because it forces you to look at your work pile and prioritize. It will be a reading week for me, and I have to look at due dates—first up will be a friend’s manuscript for which he needs a blurb yesterday, then the next Sarton book (last in my pile), and then a book loaned to me too long ago by a friend. I’ll take some rain please to go with all that reading.If I get really efficient I’ll tackle the cooking magazines that have been on the corner of my desk forever

As I write I’m watching a Halloween cooking show—they come up with some disgusting things. Glad I already had breakfast. A meatloaf fashioned too look like a grimy, grungy foot?

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