Saturday, June 04, 2016

With a whimper, not a bang

Here’s last night’s blog. I opted in favor of sleeping the clock around, when I should have had an all-caps headline shouting the news: CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN! After trying since early February, we finally got a work permit. We had waited so long and applied so many times, only to have some new objection pop up, that I thought when we finally got it there should be a celebration—cameras flashing as the Bundocks posted the permit on the door, bubbly flowing, lots of clapping.

Instead Lewis Bundock came in one morning, patted his pocket, and said, “Got it.” When I asked about posting it, he said roofing permits get posted. He and his brother, Jim, have to have this one on them at all times.

And there was no swarm of busy-bee workers. The plumber came one day and they took the old tin shower out of the apartment so they could see what’s underneath it; the a/c guy came another day. Building inspector is due Tues., and Wed. they will dig a trench in the yard to bury electrical wires—first real sign of construction.

At this point, it’s hard for me to imagine a fully furnished apartment out back and me living cozily in it. I am focused on my foot and its inability to bear weight though this too shall pass. Every day I think I see a bit of improvement—less swelling, less pain when I step on that foot briefly. Christian is coming for lunch today and I want him to look and compare swelling to Wed. when he took me to the doctor.

Meantime, if I learn patience from waiting for my foot to heal, perhaps I can use it in watching the daily progress of construction on Judy’s Cottage. I’ll either take pictures or commission Lewis to do it.

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