Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Always a new experience

 Today’s new experience: a private duty care person came to help me in the shower—never thought I’d be showering in front of a stranger, but when Jordan ordered me into the shower a couple of days ago, I was afraid to go. This lady was lovely, but I actually think Jordan is stronger and better able to protect me. At any rate, I did it, mostly on my own, though it was tremendously comforting to have someone with me. She handed me towels, helped me spread lotion, all that good stuff. And it took up the better part of an hour in the morning.

Melinda, TCU Press production manager and my dear friend, came for lunch, full of stories about the two TCU maintenance people who had a long-running feud. Their supervisor got tired of it, after a year and a half, and put them in his pickup truck, took them to a public park, and told them to either fight it out or quit. It made the newspapers because one of the guys  called police, and apparently all three lost their jobs. Good gossip, foolish supervisor—TCU has a mediation process in place.

Melinda and I miscommunicated—she thought we were going to lunch, and I thought she was bringing it. So she went to our favorite restaurant to pick it up. We had heard Nonna Tata was closing, but the word is they are not. They lease the facility to someone else in the wee hours of the morning for breakfast service, and that led to the rumor.

Napped and woke up feeling so sorry for myself, but I got up, did some stuff around the house, and lay down again to elevate my foot. Jordan arrived much earlier than I expected. My day brightened immediately. She got me engaged in cleaning and sorting everything from recipes in my appalling collection to clothes in my closet. Nice distraction.

Ended the evening sitting on the deck with my neighbor and Jordan.

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