Friday, June 24, 2016

Do not worry about me

 Just in case any of you were inclined to worry about me wasting away out of loneliness in this enforced period of staying at home, let me reassure you. I had an impromptu party today about lunchtime. Jordan and I were waiting for the PT guy from Home Health, but he was late. Jordan finally brought me tuna, cottage cheese, and wine. Kenneth, the PT, appeared when I was almost through. He was huge, kind, considerate, and reasonable—and he was down on the floor demonstrating some leg exercises I can do when my brother and sister-in-law walked in, bringing a knee scooter. They had timed their visit so that Kenneth could show me how to get on and off the scooter—it will take practice. So there we all were, plus Socorro, who cleans for me and was trying to deal with a balky toilet—she kept explaining she tried to turn the water off and it wouldn’t turn. Finally, as she left, she said, “I’m leaving. There are too many people here.” Kenneth and Jordan left, and it was down to John, Cindy, and me—when the Home Health supervising nurse appeared.

She was here to take my blood pressure and vital signs. I explained that Kenneth had just done that. No matter—she was going to do it again. Good in a way since the top line of my blood pressure went down 13 points.

Home Health is a wonderful service provided to eligible patients through Medicare. But they are—excuse me--in your face all the time. There is the aide who bathes me (sponge bath since I can’t step in the shower), occupational therapist, physical therapist, supervising nurse, and an LVN I haven’t met yet. The two therapists aren’t coming back for two months or until I can put weight on my bad foot, so that gives me a respite. I’m afraid I thought I was just going to lollygag and let it heal—but I’m beginning to see that recovery will require work from me. And effort—my brother constantly harps on non-weight-bearing, but I am being as good as I can.

Meantime the world scene continues to be of interest. I read that after Brexit Brits were frantically researching the EU—they didn’t know what they voted against, and some are having second thoughts. Had to laugh—Trump arrived in Scotland and congratulation the Scots on having rejected the EU—all well and good but they voted to stay in.

I’m not much on European economic situations, though I know Italy is always in trouble. And many are saying that Brexit bodes well for Trump but an article I read tonight says no. Britain had gone on a severe economy program, and Brits have been living with austerity. The article suggested it won’t happen here because President Obama restored the economy to a stable footing. Food for thought.

Tomorrow will bring another crisis, I’m sure, but so far we seem to have weathered them all. It’s an exciting spectator sport.

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Randy Eickhoff said...

I don't think he's restored our economy to a stable footing, Judy. We're in all kinds of trouble on that front. Obama was the best choice at election time by far even though he has feet mired in clay and doesn't soar with angel wings.