Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A Justified Lament

What a way to start the merry month of June—in doctors ‘offices. I wrote my family physician on Sunday that my ankle was in incredible pain. He didn’t respond until Tuesday because of the holiday. He suggested I come in for a “nurse check” of the boot. Neither of the nurses liked what they saw but were uncertain where to go next. As luck would have it, the doctor came in on his day off—didn’t like what he was seeing. Verdict: boot was too tight, causing swelling and inflammation. Solution: back to the boot place for a refitting. Meantime, they had me try to walk, and it gave me excruciating fits. I understand there’s probably an MRI of the ankle in m future too. So ready to be through with this ankle business and walking about normally. I’ll never take normal for grant again.

So Christian, my caretaker for the day, and I went off to the boot place, got a larger boot, and I think maybe tonight it’s a skosh better, But I’m not willing to test it far yet. We came home and Christian brought me the other half of my Panera turkey sandwich from Jamie’s visit last night and a huge (my request) glass of wine. I napped—sure did.

Jordan woke me up in time to greet Julia, her longtime friend who’s getting married this Saturday. Jacob will be an usher, acolyte, and guardian of the cakes. So wish I could be there but I don’t see any of it happening for me.

Then my Wed. nght dinner pal arrived with supper—steaks and mashed potatoes from their café on the North Side. I adore cold steak, and this was delicious. The golden lining in all this domestic woes is that they bring out friends and family and all I treasure about life in Fort Worth.

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