Monday, June 27, 2016

Events of note

 Seems every day when you turn on the computer or open the newspaper there’s something major happening—floods and fire, Brexit, and now today the SCOTUS ruling about abortion clinics, striking down the law that closed most clinics throughout Texas and left many women without any preventive care. Yeah for our team! This ruling will have long-reaching implications for other states too, but for now it’s directed at Texas…and we need it. Three years ago Wendy Davis filibustered the law, known as HB2, and managed to delay the vote until the closing bell rang. But the Republicans immediately called a new session and passed HB2.

Today the Texas Attorney General, under indictment on several charges, bemoaned that the state lost its opportunity to protect women’s health. My foot! The state lost its chance to enforce a strict, old-fashioned moral code on women. Don’t know if they’ll ever understand that women want to control their own bodies, rather than have them controlled by men in suits who are not physicians.

I think it’s notable that our governor and lieutenant governor, usually quick to jump on such a bandwagon, have not said a thing publicly. But I seem to remember that Gov. Abbot is interested in Texit

Texit, the movement to have Texas withdraw and become independent, has gained momentum since Brexit. Do you suppose these people have really thought it through, what it would be like without Federal government support? It’s even bigger folly than HB2.  I love Texas, but should that come to pass I’d have to leave. I am quite certain, however, that the idea doesn’t have legs.

Lovely summer storm tonight. Lots of rain and thunder, very little lightning and wind, so it wasn’t dangerous—just a good storm. The thunder upsets Sophie and she cowered under my desk. Now the storm has passed and the earth is that crazy fresh green that comes after a storm. Almost a surreal light.

Actually wrote two pages on a new novel tonight—yippee for me! I have no idea if those pages will survive, but they’re a start. I said earlier in the day if I wrote two lines, I’d be happy. I’m excited about the idea behind this one—it’s a Kelly O’Connell Mystery—but I’m not ready to disclose it yet. Have to get farther into it and see if it’s really going to work.

French doors went into the cottage in place of one door today. Jay was watching from his office window and said they were gorgeous, and the amount of light they let into the cottage was wonderful. He came about 4:30 to wheel me out on the deck, and I agree—they look wonderful. Can’t wait to get out there and see the whole thing for myself. Maybe pictures tomorrow. I did discover the deck has become a dumping ground in my absence. I will have to deal with that.

So there you have my day, full of concerns and good news. Things to brighten a shunt-in’s day.

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Victor Wadsworth said...

Yes I did enjoy the rain, give my plants a little extra loving.