Monday, June 06, 2016

Struggling for a thread

 Struggling to think of something to blog about tonight. It’s been an ordinary day—as days are ordinary lately, since I’m pretty much confined to the house and on a walker. Really, what can you think of new and different to report from that perspective.

Is it news that Louie Gohmert included gay couples on his proposed ark, not realizing they wouldn’t reproduce? Is it news that Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination? Well, yeah, it really is—first woman to be nominated by a major political party—but who doubted it anyway? And I don’t think she’ll be satisfied with that—it’s all the way or nothing. Is it news that Donald Trump verbally attacked the judge “of Mexican heritage”? Nah, I don’t think that’s news anymore.

News doesn’t get much more exciting closer to home—Jordan and I had wine on the deck and she made me the half-sandwich I thought sounded good—rye, cheddar, mayo, tomato, and diced green onion. Lovely to be outdoors on the deck—until she went into panic mode because a wasp was about to fly into the house. Thanks to her quick action, fueled by adrenaline, danger was averted.

Jacob apparently thinks we’re going to tear down the entire existing apartment—so not true. But he has asked to be the first to sling a sledgehammer in the demolition process. I bet Lewis can find a spot to mark with a big black X for Jacob to begin his demolition.

And so the day went—a guest blog about Chicago written, an evaluation of a novel for a contest, email, etc. At 11:30 I realized I was really tired, so made some lunch (not a success) and read Facebook; slept for longer than I care to admit. How much can be exciting when you’re on a walker and it hurts to put weight on the sore foot?

Looking forward to better days. Lord knows, I have enough work piled on my desk to keep me busy for two weeks, if I’d just buckle down and do it.


Randy Eickhoff said...

Sorry to hear that you're still on that walker. I HATE even the thought of doing so although the family manages to edge in that suggestion (command, whatever) at least once every two weeks or so. Like you, I'm having a hard time getting motivated and have a book waiting for the past week or so and another waiting for me to okay corrections from my agent. I haven't even looked at the suggested corrections as the accompanying letter was pretty caustic and sort of deflated the ego. I'm just thinking about tossing in the towel lately in regard to writing. Oh, well. Have a great day. Or, try to at least.

Judy Alter said...

Not only am I using the walker, I'm riding it--can't put weight on right foot. It's hard to steer! Don't throw in the towel--I too have that thought but tell myself this too shall pass. You're right about motivation--I find the inertia really hard to overcome. Final indignity: private duty care coming this morning to help me into the shower.