Sunday, June 05, 2016

Weddings and ushers

Jacob and the bride
One of Jordan’s longtime friends from high school married last night, and it was a big deal. Jordan was one of 18 in the house party (only one attendant) and Jacob was both an usher and an acolyte at the service.

This morning, me: Jacob, how was it being an usher?

Jacob: I like it. I want to do it again.

So, if any of you know of a service that offers well-trained ushers, please let us know. Jacob would like to apply. I suppose by the time he gets through college he’ll have been in so many weddings, the glow may have worn off. But it’s pretty heady stuff for a nine-year-old boy.

The ginormous wedding party, all beauties
I attended the wedding vicariously, though I longed to be there both for the bride and to see Jacob. Alas, my foot wouldn’t cooperate, so I hung on pictures coming through on Facebook.

When I was thinking about blogging about it, I thought I’d say that it took me back 11-1/2 years to Jordan’s wedding, and I’d add pictures because it really was an epic five-day experience. The morning after the wedding, I served breakfast to about 20 people, out-of-towners that I wouldn’t see for a while again. I told a friend that after they left was one of the few times I wished I was married, because I wanted someone to rehash the whole hectic time with. She, happily married, said, “You should have called me. It would have been easier than having a man around the house.”
Eleven  years ago, these were my newlyweds

What surprised me is that I have no digital pictures. The earliest on my computer are from 2008. I have lots of photos, but I don’t know that they would scan well—that my scanner would do it—or that I have the skill to do that. So you’ll have to enjoy these pictures of Julia’s wedding and imagine Jordan’s, at Christmas, in a sanctuary decorated with greens and poinsettias. (Last night’s wedding was in the same sanctuary.)

Jacob and his mom
Life gets back to normal tomorrow, and Jacob starts his summer by going to golf camp.

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