Thursday, June 23, 2016

Keeping the country in turmoil

My two wine girls
The news out of D.C. had my head spinning all day. Last night and again today, I was among the many who said I’ve never been more proud to be a Democrat. The Democratic sit-in to push for votes on gun control was an amazing landmark in our nation’s history, akin to the Civil Rights movement and, fittingly, led by John Lewis, a hero of that movement. I was sorry to hear that they’d abandoned it today but I haven’t read enough to know why or the implications of that. But I applaud the men and women who took part in this historic event.

Paul Ryan needs to go. Obviously at a loss as to what to do, he took the easy way out and shut down the House two days before they should have gone on vacation. Poor guys—and ladies—they work so hard when they’re there—NOT. I think he’s over his head and a coward who won’t confront and deal with issues.

Meanwhile, SCOTUS delivered a deadlock decision on immigration reform, which is the same as a rejection. It has the same effect because it shuts down reform programs. I heard President Obama carefully explaining what would continue and what wouldn’t. He sounded a hopeful note: immigration reform will come, sooner or later.

This delay reflects back on a Republican-controlled Senate, and primarily on Mitch McConnell who refuses to allow a vote on the president’s Supreme Court nominee. They are not doing their duty as stated in the Constitution. If we had had the ninth justice, there would have been a decision, up or down. Nobody can ask for more.

The whole thing—the House and the Supreme Court—shows just how deep in trouble our country is. From my partisan point of view, I also see it as cementing the downfall of the Republican Party. Donald Trump couldn’t do it better. We should all rejoice, except for the uncertainty of what will happen next.

With all this on national news, I have found it comforting to be in my routine. Today someone from Recycled Books in Denton came to look through the remaining books we’ve pulled out—I kept relatively few from my large collection. He paid me nicely for some and took the others away to donate, which is fine with me. There were way too many for any of us to cart to the public library used book store. And tonight my house looks so much neater.

I owe a huge debt to Carol Roark who got all the book buyers in here and stood by to answer questions, pack books, do whatever was needed.

Jordan is here to spend the night, and we’ve been sociable—Chandry and Subie came for happy hour. I am always grateful for company to brighten my day, and this has been a good day. Except for our Federal government. I expect the President feels let down to night, though he never shows it publicly. Still, I think he looks tired these days, and it’s good that his term is coming to an end.

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