Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Swirl of Activity

I'm sitting here letting the activity of Thanksgiving swirl around me--Megan is making a pie crust, Colin and Lisa are making breakfast quiches (I'm waiting!). Later, Jordan will mash potatoes, Lisa will make green bean casserole, and in a couple hours I'll put the turkey in the oven and make the dressing. Kids swirl around everywhere, running in and out, "helping" with the cooking, begging for a taste here and there. Sawyer is hard at work with his new favorite chore--washing dishes. I suspect last night's brave talk of a group morning run has been deliberately been forgotten. Last night we sat up late, talking about nothing and enjoying being together. It took the little boys forever to go to sleep but Maddie and Edie cuddled them and loved on them and they finally slept. This morning they were up early. I know the day will drift away with this happy hubub, five conversations going at once. I am truly blessed and thankful as I am for many things, children and grandchildren lead the list!
Mayy all of you have a happy Thanksgiving with good food and good company.

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