Thursday, November 18, 2010

A cheer for osteopathic medicine and a wonderful class session

Years and years ago the football team from the Andrew Still Osteopathic Cllege in Kirksville, Missouri, (Now the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) used to come to Texs to play TCU. The osteopathic team's cheer? "Hippity hoppity, osteopathy!" That's sort of what I feel like shouting tonight. I had a ferocious backache since the middle of the night or early Wed. a.m. Couldn't sleep, hurt worse lying down than being up, but hurt a lot then too. My favorite osteopathic physician, my brother, is 60 or so miles away, and I don't drive on the highway. So I made an appointment with a local doctor who was most courteous, said we'd met but it had been years, and then proceeded, gently, to fix my back. It's not perfet tonight, but I feel so much better. Came home this afternoon and took a long, comfortable nap--what a pleasure. Now I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep, which I've missed for two nights. Note to the Texas legislature: do not pass legislation adding the M.D. degree to the TCOM program. The therapy at the core of that program is way too good to lose!
My memoir class met tonight, and it's amazing to see how much self-discovery has gone on in that group, how much growth, and how much openness they've achieved. Somehow this group can talk about grief and tragedy and come up laughing. We had some unexpted revelations tonight--I think one woman was as surprised at herself as were the rest of us. But there just aren't words to express how happy I am with this group. Most of them signalled they want to continue with a spring session, so we'll do that.  We'll meet one more time before the holidays, not for a class but for a party with former class members and the daytime class members invited. It will be a different atmosphere but still good. At the end when we stood in our circle and said how we felt tonight, I said, "Full of laughter and gratitutde for good friends." It's true.

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