Saturday, November 13, 2010

A book signing and a cooking/holiday day

Eleven of the contributors signed Grace & Gumption: The Cookbook at a local Barnes & Noble today and sold a respectable number of copies, plus three copies of the original book, Grace & Gumption: Stories of Fort Worth Women, which is hardback and much more expensive. I think, however, with the exception of one man, we got no takers from drop-in buyers. We tried to talk to several who passed by, but those encounters only end with making you look a bit foolish--at least to me. Those who bought were friends of one or more of the contributors. Still, it was a jolly get-together--those women are so much fun.
Otherwise this was a domestic day: a load of wash, run the dishwasher (I only have to do that every five or six days), and cook. I baked the gingersnaps from the dough I made yesterday--if the dough is any indication, they'll be delicious. But the recipe says roll into walnut-size balls. Mine were too big, because they spread and ran into each other, and I ended up with the weirdest shaped cookies. Then I made a small squash casserole, and cooked fresh asparagus and Dover sole for my dinner.
Tonight I'm off to wrap a few more presents. The holidays are firmly planted in my mind.
It's cold in North Texas tonight, with a threat of frost in outlying areas, though I doubt we'll get it in the city. Still my sweet potato plants are looking pretty pitiful. My neighbors put up a g-normous metal trellis between our houses (at some points, they are very close together, and they've been training ivy up the hurricane fence, so now they twisted some of the ivy on to the trellis). It's pretty, but I'm not sure how I feel about it--I'll wait to see how much ivy grows on it. I know that tiny strip on my side is ugly--a bunch of volunteer trees, but as Greg the botanist says, "They're trees, aren't they?" I figure they cool the house in summer. Beyond that, nothing will grow because no sun ever penetrates back there. I do keep that area cleaned up after the dog--it seems to be one of his favorite places.
You'll note I've ignored internet fame and fortume for the day.

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