Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A gallery ofo photos and a rainy election day

Here are photos from the award ceremony Friday night. First, a very proud mom with three of her four children. Colin is holding the plaque though it's hard to see. We missed Megan, and she missed being there.
Me at the podium, with a strained and pained look because I'm speaking in public and I don't much like to do that. Joyce Roach said it was one of my best short talks ever--she failed to mention how I looked.

With my good friend, Jeannie, who is often my guardian angel. I have no idea what we were doing in the top photo--comparing our squash blossoms?
With longtime friend Joyce Roach, on the left--she's a fellow author, and we used to travel to meetings together all the time and had some great experiences. On the right is Melinda Esco, production manager at TCU Press and a good friend, who is terrific at her job.
Jamie, left, and Colin--two of the four lights of my life. Pictures are all thanks to Jordan Alter Burton.
A rainy day that started off with breakfast with an old friend and then two hours of telephone campaigning for Bill White--the mood in the local campaign office was upbeat and optimistic, and I was encouraged by all the people I talked to who were emphatic about voting for White. Then I found out it's a hand-picked list.  Still I think he has a better chance than the polls give him. I laughed at one answering machine message I got: "This is the queen. I'm not receiving subjects this morning, so leave a message." I wish I'd thought to begin the message with, "Your highness," but I wasn't that quick. I'll be glued to the TV tonight. Meantime, it's a wet, dreary afternoon--perfect for a book and a nap.
Later: well, it's over. The world looks glum to me: the Rangers lost, Bill White lost, the Republicans will take the House, and it continues to rain. White was gracious in his speech acknowledging Perry's victory, but I am baffled that so many vote with their eyes shut. I hope White's legacy of honesty, openness, and accountability will carry on in Texas and that he won't give up the fight. I want to urge him to stay on Perry's back. I think of the people I worked with every week at the local headquarters and want to weep--they were optimistic and upbeat this morning, and I grieve for what they must be feeling. From what I read we won't have Perry to worry about long--he's abandoning governorship to promote his book and then his eye is on the vice-presidency for 2012. I'm sorry. I can't be gracious in defeat--that gives me great worry for the country. I've had enough of election reports for the night.

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