Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The difference in authors

Nice dinner visit with a TCU faculty member who publishes in the academic world--that world I used to be part of. It's fun to compare notes about the very different worlds we operate in. She's waiting for a report on a second review of her political science manuscript from a major, large academic publisher--expects to hear in two months, which is a fast turnaround to me. When she asked, I tried to explain Smashwords to her but not sure I even understand it enough to do a good explanation. But she's kind to ask about my mysteries and my progress.
Writers' days are, I find, often eaten up by chores--cooking, folding that laundry that's been in the dryer for two days, doing your daily workout, watering plants--and the endless e-mails. But an email forwarded  David Wisehart's blog with helpful suggestions for those who want to promote online books. Find it at
The internet is agog tonight at the Amazon posting of a "how to" book for pedolphiles, although the authors claims it's about loving children and not sexual abuse. Not many, including me, believe that. It's a can of worms--where does free speech end and decency take over. And who decides? I know what I think, but I wonder about others. One author on a mystery listserv suggested that by ordering the book, a person was open to investigation, even if the records had to be subpoened. As for the idea that folks boycott Amazon because of this, he wrote that instead he'd ask for a list of those who ordered. Someone asked if the book was available to registered sex offenders--I don't see how it could not be.

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