Monday, November 22, 2010

Do you dream in technicolor?

Christmas is coming! I know it because my Christmas cactus is blooming its fool head off! So beautiful.
Do you dream in technicolor? I dream in vivid color, with sound and touch sensations--I distinctly remember trying to open a door to a room that was flooded on the other side--I could feel the resistance of the water. One night I dreamt that someone brought a possum to work (yes, Susan, I fear it was you) and Melinda picked it up (no sane person picks up a possum except perhaps by the tail) to put it outside and it peed on her. Ever after, when I mention dreams, she says, "I sure did hate being peed on by that possum!" I have the usual dreams, like the exam you haven't prepared for, haven't even gone to class all semester. But I have others, like the one that I'm cleaning up a mess. Sometimes its in a kitchen (not necessarily mine) or a room in a house where the mess grows worse with everything I do; it can even be outside with pieces of paper flying everywhere. I consulted the Google dream dictionary (for what that's worth) and it says you are cleaning out your life in preparation for anothr big step forward. I rather like that interpretation. Surely it means publication, fame and fortune. On the other hand I dreamed the other night that I was newly married to my ex-husband and he moved me to a small town, but he kept disappearing. I met the ladies, who were kind to me, and I can remember working hard to learn their names, the names of their children, and where each one lived. But then I realized that they were congregating in my house every morning, and I couldn't get anything done. I felt stifled. I could probably analyze that one if I tried hard, but last night I dreamt that I was part (a minor part) of a grant-writing team working on grants to perfect space travel. Pretty astounding since grant writing is not a skill I have, and I certainly know zilch about space travel. My dreams are rarely frightening and sometimes pleasant. Sometimes I am able to inject reality into them--like that exam dream. I'll suddenly say, "Judith,  you're through with school. You have your degrees. This is just a dream." Jordan's favorite of my dreams? The time I saw the stuffed, oversized leopard, Clifford, who has a prominent place in the living room, walking around the house. "Mom," she said, "don't tell anyone about this." And then she went and told everyone she knew! Some people never remember their dreams. I'm glad I do. What about you?
Taught my last memoir class until February today. It will be nice to have a break. Otherwise, a busy day but I accomplished much. The Christmas decorations are pretty much roughed in. Fred came by with some helpful comments on my manuscript, and I plan to get back to the other manuscript tonight. So life is rolling along.

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