Thursday, November 25, 2010

A special video and a Thanksgiving album

Nature's Wonders! This is the link to a 30-second video that Maddie made for me. She let me choose the pictures and music, and she gave me credit as co-producer. I just watched her put it together. Remember, folks, she's just eleven, a wonderful example of why they call it the tween age. One minute she romps with her cousins, six and under; the next she's lulling them to sleep; then she's at the computer or has her nose buried in a fairly sophisticated book. Such fun to watch and be with.
For those who are interested, an album of the Alter Thanksgiving 2010:
 Maddie and Kegan
Megan and Colin checking the turkey

To turkeys--the birds, not the people, and their cooks. Megan did a traditional roast and Brandon fried his bird.

Grandkids at the "kids" table

Me with two of my beautiful girls

Hope everyone had a great and grateful Thanksgiving.

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