Thursday, November 04, 2010

A bunch of little stuff, mostly good

The really good news, confirmed in the paper this morning, is that our local Barnes & Noble, opened in 1995, is not going to close after all. B&N and the property managers finally reached an agreement on a new lease. I took part in an e-mail campaign to representatives of both sides, and I think it worked--the article in the paper this morning quoted the VP from B&N, David Deason, saying he appreciated hearing from all the customers who suppported the store. When I wrote Mr. Deason, I got a prompt and courteous reply abou t how much they wanted to keep the store open, explaining they were in new negotiations. Today, I thought it a good idea to write and thank him, and I got another nice reply. I'll never meet him, but I like this David Deason.
The people, as it were, have spoken, and it worked. Reminds me of a joke (this is for Democrats only) on Facebook yesterday. Someone wrote (and it's a quote but I don't remember from whom): The people have spoken, the bastards!
My cat and I are at a Mexican standoff, though I think he's winning. He wants to eat constantly since I started putting seafood in with his diet food. He sits, definitely in my face, on my desk and stares at me. Yesterday when I pushed him into a lying position, he bit me--not hard, but he broke the skin in one tiny place. I'm afraid, in quick thoughtless retaliation, I slapped him. We skirted each other the rest of the day. I know he's 18, and if he wants to eat, I should feed him--but he leaves unfinished food and won't eat again until I "freshen" it with new. It's a constant thing, and I do have a life to lead.
Betty and I went for sushi last night, something we haven't had in a long time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was determinbed to have something new, tempted by the bacon-wrapped scallops, but finally resorted to Seattle Sunset (California roll topped with cream cheese and salmon) and the house salad. It has a slightly sweet dressing, and if you offered me a salad with a sweet dressing (even honey-mustard) I'd politely decline. But I like this.Of course, we laughed a lot and had a good time.
BSP (Sisters-in-Crime shorthand for blatant self-promotion): check out an interview with me on Kindle publishing at And watch for an interview on memoir writing tomorrow on Jungle Red Writers at I'm really on a campaign to improve my internet presence. So far sales of Sue Ellen Learns to Dance on Kindle have not shown the amazing results I keep reading about--not sure what I'm going wrong, but I'm working to remedy it. Comments from those who've ordered it have been good--one I treasure was on the Guppies list when Susan Schreyer wrote, "You kick ass, lady." Who could ask for more?
Memoir class tonight. Linda came for dinner, as usual, and I fixed egg salad sandwiches (made with tarragon and capers and smoked salmon)--served  them on onion rolls. Really good if I do say so. She brought pimiento cheese that Rodger had made but he put black olives in it, and I shunned it. Linda Simmons brought guacamole that was delicious. I ate too much, and she left me some. As usual we had a great session--these women are so perceptive about their lives and so willing to share. I think the best part about the whole thing though is the sense of togetherness that's developed. They've really become a group comfortable and familiar with each other. (Notice, I'm avoiding such hackneyed terms as bonding.)
Going to sleep a happy camper tonight.

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