Sunday, March 21, 2010

You can't beat a family get-tgether

 A potful of pictures, probably way too many for those who don't know the family, but we gathered tonight to celebrate Jordan's birthday--she has had, as she always does, a weeklong celebration. It was pandemonium, with nine adults, and children rainging from ten (okay she counts as an adult) to 8 months, everyone talking at once, laughing and having a great time. I'm indebted to Jay (sitting in the chair with a beer) not only for providing sirloin for the tacos but then slicing it thin and cooking it. The birthday girl is wearing a cowboy hat brought by the Frisco Alters from Kemah. I don't know who the frowsy blonde with the wine is, but next to her is my neighbor, Susan (married to Jay). For years (since she was six, maybe) Jordan has wanted tacos on her birthday, and I have gotten weary of seasoning hamburger with those packets (although I do have recipes for home seasoning), chopping tomatoes, onions, lettuce, grating cheese, etc. So tonight we had Oaxacan taxos (I will have to verify that with one of our authors)--sirloin strips (delicious) with goat cheese and cilantro, plus Jordan's layered bean dip, queso, guacamole, salsa, and a dip of cream cheese and salsa. For dessert: a huge Black Forest Cake--the kind with meringue and whipping cream layers, no cherries, not cake--absolutely delicious. I got a cake big enough for 20 and fourteen of us ate almost all of it.
The children had a high old time--Maddie and Edie are so good with little ones. Everyone was laughing and talking at once and it was the kind of family gathering I relish. I refused clean-up offers because it's really easier for me to do it, and I can relive the fun while I do. I did enlist help beforehand in tossing the salad, reheating the queso,etc.
Jacob was here from a little after noon Saturday until noon Sunday--the longest stretch I've kept him. We got along fine--okay, one meltdown over his clothes; he has a real thing about what he will and will not wear and would prefer to go naked, which we just don't quite accept,especiallyh when it's as cold as it was Saturday. He has new threats when he doesn't like what I'm doing:: "You're not my buddy, and you're not my best friend anymore" followed by "I'm going to tell my mommy and daddy on you," to which I always say, "Please do." This morning he was feeling pugilistic and said, "I'm going to punch you or my daddy." I replied, "Oh, good, punch your daddy." He looked at me quizzically and said, "But Daddy's not here!" He has much more sunshiny moments than dark, and even when he was sobbing in his meltdown yesterday he would cling to me. Maybe the times I like best: when he first wakes up and, still sleepy, sits in my lap and curls against me, quite silent and still.
Tomorrow is another day, back to the world of business, though I am looking forward to going plant shopping with Jeannie. I sincerely hope we've had the last of winter. As I fixed supper I could see tiny flakes of snow falling, and this morning there was a dusting of snow on the garage roofs when I looked out back. Jamie, farther east and north, had a good two inches and posted pictures on Facebook. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the 60s and the next day the 70s. That old cliche about Texas weather is certainly true. I feel safe though in getting herbs, sweet potato plants, fountain grass, and maybe wheat grass tomorrow, plus pots to replace those that froze. It's good that spring is here.

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