Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quiet, sociable day

Today I am back in gear. Spent some of the morning cooking and, for the first time in four days, rode my bicycle. One of our authors, Janis Stout, and her husband came for a late lunch, and I had fixed a layered salad and vegetable/cheese soup--she had specified a light lunch. It was good, though I was a bit disappointed in the salad and the soup both. Sent the salad home with Jordan tonight and will probably throw the rest of the soup out.
Back to Janis--we had never met, though we had corresponded over the years, recently more frequently since TCU Press is gearing up to publish her memoir This Last House. I thought it was an original idea to organize a memoir around the houses she lived in--so watch for the title this spring. We had much in common so it was fun to visit, and her husband, Loren, seems a man who likes company, conversation, and laughter. They brought me a lovely mum--I was going to put it out on the porch and then was afraid it would "walk." So I'll rearrange the dining table and put it there.
Tonight Jordan, Christian and Jacob came for dinner. Christian had thought he would work tonight, so I planned to give Jordan the soup and salad from lunch. She called this morning, from Waco, to say Christian would be joining us, so I had to do a quick run through the freezer. We ended up with hot dogs, cottage-fried potatoes, and the salad. Christian would not eat a soup with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in it, no matter how much cheese. Good visit, but Jacob was a little off--immersed in a catalog of Halloween costumes--and not very friendly. Off his schedule with the weekend at Baylor's homecoming.
So now the house is quiet, the dishes are done, and I'm ready to go back to the Deborah Crombie novel I'm reading.

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