Monday, October 19, 2009

One of those nights

We all have them, nights where sleep doesn't come easily if at all. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, and then about 2:30 a coughing fit kept me awake and left me with what felt like a sinus headache, the cat wretched, noisily, all over the house (though this morning I couldn't find that she had produced anything), and the dog slept happily on, making those little soft noises of contentment that dogs do when they're asleep. Sometimes he whimpers in a bad dream, but I have only to call his name and he stops (it's sort of like having a husband who snores!). I stayed awake. When I do that I move among several worlds--last night it was the world of the manuscript I'm editing, then on to the world of the mystery I'm reading, and perhaps some time in the world of my reality. The world I didn't spend any time in is that of my amateur sleuth, star of my two unpublished mystery series. I've put the series out of mind and moved out of that world, wondering if I will be able to move back in easily or not. I blogged in my mind, I remembered how funny Jacob was last night, I did all sorts of mental things--all of which of course kept my mind active and kept sleep away. Finally fell back asleep about 6:45 but jumped out of bed at 7:30, feeling I had lots to do. My mom used to tell me you're not really awake all that time--you're sleeping and just don't know it. I would swear she was wrong, but it's a comforting thought. She also used to tell me when you itched all over, it was a sure sign you're going to sleep. I think that was wishful thinking on her part. I think the whole evening was payback because Jordan brought up the topic of sleeping pills last night and I assured her I sleep soundly, never need them. Smugness also goeth before a fall, just like pride. I'm pretty sleep today.

Two words sent me scurrying to the dictionary this morning: Jordan told Jacob not to stand with both feet on one side of the big rocking horse because it was about to tump over. Now I think I've heard her use this before, and in fact I actually replied last night, "It's not tumping over." I guess learned it from her, but she will no doubt say she picked it up from me. A tump (it's a noun, not a verb) is a small mound of earth, grass, even a haystack. I suppose a tump could tump over on you (okay, that was bad!)

Jacob has a new game. He marches through the house chanting the cadence of "Hut, two, three, four, Hut, two, three, four." I looked up "hut" in the dictionary because I didn't know if it was hut or hup--the dictionary was no help, so I called my brother, who said it's hut and that there are a whole bunch of cadences in the armed services.

Jacob arrived about 4:30 this afternoon, absolutely bursting with energy. Toward dinnertime he did calm down some and ate a medium dinner, so I gave him banana/chocolate bread (lied and told him it was cake). I feel really guilty because I also gave him mashed potatoes from a box I happened to have in the cupboard, I think for a recipe for Salisbury steak. Anyway, he scoffed down those potatoes and asked for more, so then I took a small bite and swished it around in the chicken-wine sauce on my plate. Not bad. As the evening wore on, he gained in energy and I lost it, until I really didn't feel on top of my game, and it was hard to be patient with him. But we read books, cuddled, and he stalled about going to bed but seemed to settle down nicely. I hope he didn't sense how ready I was for him to go to bed!

I may just stay home all day tomorrow and get over this blasted cold. Don't like feeling this way!

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