Sunday, October 04, 2009

A happy, lazy, rainy day

For much of the day today, the skies dumped on us--calm, usually slow rain that soaks in. We are blessed. The cat demanded I get up and feed her this morning about seven, but I crawled right back into bed, grateful that Jacob sleeps until eight or beyond. It was one of those mornings when you just wanted to stay burrowed under the covers. I didn't, of course, and got up in time to brush my teeth, wash my hair, and bring in the paper before Jacob woke up. I peeked at him a little after eight, and he was eyeing me, a big smile on his face. From then until his mom came at ten, the morning was his, not mine, but that was fine with me. We had breakfast--waffles, of course--and we talked, rough-housed, made beds, and generally had a good time.
After he left, I got ready for dinner--the table was set, but I seasoned ground lamb with paprika, cinnamon, and chopped fresh mint from my front porch. And I laid serving dishes out. I had appetizers left from earlier in the week and, without shame, recycled them. Dinner featured ground lamburgers with two salads--Jordan made a terrific Greek salad (her specialty) as an accompaniment, and I mixed spinach, feta, red onions, olive oil and wine vinegar to go on top of the lamburgers in whole wheat buns. I had thought of making a French potato salad--no mayo, only white wine, vinegar, and oil--but Jordan thought we didn't need it And she was right--most of us couldn't even finish the lamburger.
But we had the happiest, liveliest cocktail and dinner hour ever. My neighbors from both sides--Jay, Susan and Sue--joined us, along with Jacob, Jordan and Christian. Although I'd seen each of them over the last few weeks, they figured out they hadn't all been together since late June, so it was like a joyous reunion. Laughter, talk, and lots of wine--too much! And a good dinner. It was absolutely one of the most fun dinner parties I've given in a long time. Jordan not only made the salad, she helped greatly with the kitchen, and Susan and Jay stayed after the others left to see what they could do. The final cleanup didn't take long at all and was well worth it for the evening we had. So was my menu switch--I had intended to fix a tuna/pasta/vegetable dish, heavy with anchovies in both the dish and the sauce. When Jordan called and said they were coming--after first cancelling--I had to change the menu. Neither of them would touch anything with anchovies (though maybe it would do them good to try it). I went prowling through my recipes and decided on ground lamb, which both of them like. I'll serve the anchovy dish to my neighbors another night--and may try to improvise a single serving for myself some night soon. Thought I would do it tomorrow night, but I have this half of a lamb pattie left over. Plus a whole one I think Ill freeze.
Tonight was sort of proof of why I like to cook and entertain--interesting people coming together in a great spirit of happiness, conviviality, joy, whatever. I am so fortunate! And now, having had more than my share of wine--I've really been watching it lately--I am soooo sleepy. May read a while and then to bed early. A busy week looms, starting with taking my car in tomorrow morning to see if they can fix the top. Yuck!

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