Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sleepy Day

I did today what all of us must do to take responsibility for our own health. I had a colonoscopy. Not, it wasn't bad. No, even the prep wasn't that bad--not the way I'd choose to spend an evening, but easy to sruvive intact.The clinic where I went had it down to an art--not a science, but an art. Everywhere one was most kin and personable, and I was never left alone to feel edgy in a cubicle. But as they predicted, I was a little wobbly when I got home. I ate some cottage cheese (a comfort food for me) and slept heavily for three hours; then I ate rice, beans, and a leftover bit of flank steak (the kids were right--it was really good), piddled at the computer for a while, and went back to bed for another two hours. Last night I got so much done (everything I'd brought home), that I thought I ought to call the office and ask them to bring me more from the stack on my desk (I can't drive till tomorrow). By the time I was home today, that thought faded--no energy, no ambition. I got a new Southern Living and have prowled slowly through it; I have a novel to read; I have the Democratic convention to watch.
I think the convention so far has been electrifying. Joe Biden was my choice all along. In recent years, on Sunday morning political shows, when the subject was Iraq, he was the one who made sense, who looked at the situation, understood it, and outlined clearly what we should have done as opposed to what we did do. So I'm delighted with that choice. I thought Biden's speech was great, and I loved the family scene onstage afterward--because I'm family oriented, I am touched by his life story of being a devoted father to his boys after the death of their mother and one child. And the devotion and closeness that his current wife shares with his sons is an amazing thing to see. Joe Biden is indeed a man with values.
The Clintons--okay, since I'm on a political roll here. I started as a Hillary fan but as the primary campaign went along I thought she and her husband both got too shrill, too desperate. But boy oh boy did they redeem themselves the last two nights. They brought the Democratic Party together, unified it, in a way that no one else could. I'm waiting tonight for them to break into "Happy Days are Here Again!" Meantime I hope I can stay awake long enough to hear Obama!

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