Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guest blogs and other things

One of the neat things about asking other writers to be a guest on your blog is that they reciprocate, so today I'm a guest on Catherine Mambretti's blog. Check it out at Catherine specializes in trial procedure on her blog, which is not an area I know anything about, but the asked me to comment on frontier justice because of the western historicals I've written. I did and I didn't, writing that much more than the law justice on the frontier was about fair or not, honorable or not. I left out one book I really should have mentioned: The Ox-Bow Incident.
I remember what Jordan told me I could blog about. Most of my conversations with her now begin with "Don't blog about this, but . . . ." But last night she asked, "Why does food always taste better at your mom's?" And then she told me I could blog that. She called today to say she'd just found a hot dog in her purse--we cooked it for Jacob, he didn't eat it, and she said she'd take it home. Now it's trash.

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